Craziest wall coverings

I'm looking for inspiration/suggestions for the most unusual wall finishes you can think of. I'm building a bedroom in the loft and I want a spectacular wall.

I am currently thinking that a part of it at least could be a live green wall like this one, please let me have your ideas, no matter how off the wall!



Got some friends in Nouvelle Caledonie who deal with live walls & other green installations...a good excuse for a research trip to the Pacific :)

wow, that is lovely. I don't know how much a full sized piece of re-inforced glass would be ( perhaps panels ) but a water cascade would be great. There's always retro Elvis style padded leatherette, seems to be making a comeback.

I saw the moss graffiti a few days ago, I have been thinking about it since, very cool!

Like the idea. Have a look at this some great inspiration there!