Cream arrgghhh

Hello everyone,

Newbie to the group but VERY passionate about food and love cooking. My biggest nightmare in France is cream.

please can someone help????

What are the following over here

single cream

double cream

whipping cream

sour cream

clotted cream

I have tried all the ones I can find over here and only seem to be able to find single cream, all the rest either dont hold or taste sour/cheesy!!!!

please help as I would like to make a pavlova


in most larger super u's, e lecercs etc, normally around the eggs is a litre sized blue box called creme proffessionelle [its not normally in the fridge section its a normal shelf item]

it is double cream, make it cold first clearly then whisk it will go as thick as butter if you keep going, its thickning agent is a seaweed extract, it doesent affect the taste at all and is not so high in fat as normal double cream.

ive just bought some yesterday and it is always available .

i am in central brittany if that helps

thanks everyone, my thoughts are confirmed! I currently use the Fleurette but find that nothing is as good as the cream at home. Oh well I am sure it will be fine.

thanks again


Hi Teresa, I feel exactly the same about the cream here. It is such a non-event. Have tried them all and have settled like Roz on the Fleurette (in a green gingham carton in all big supermarkets' fridges). Our problem is we can't get past the cheese taste and haven't been here long enough to like the long life taste and hate the sweetened chantilly. Cream fleurette whips up well and holds its shape and while it's not as good a double cream it works well in a pavolva.

My Interpretation is:

Single Cream - Crème Légère

Double Cream / Whipping Cream - Crème Epaisse

Sour Cream - Crème Fraiche

Clotted cream - I wish.

We buy all three, the single and double being long life. To get the double cream to whip, we keep one in the fridge.

If you need my address for the Pavlova, just ask.

Hi Tessa, I can only tell you about one cream I have found which I use for whipping and that is Fleurette found in the chilled cabinet in Super U it must be the full cream type and it will whip thick, you just have to be patient, also you can buy the sachets of chantilly powder and mix it with any cream to obtain a thick cream, hope this helps ...Roz