Cream cover strawberry green tea

Anybody loves both strawberry and tea? I’ve got this recipe for you

milk – 1oz
whipping cream – 3.5oz
granulated sugar – moderate
sea salt – moderate
strawberries – 5oz
(Jasmine) green tea – a teabag
water – 7.5oz
granulated sugar – 0.5oz (vary according to your preference)

1.Add moderate amount of sugar in hot green tea ( jasmine green tea would be better) and then stir the tea and put it in fridge.
2.Add milk, whipping cream, sugar and sea salt in cup, then beating on high until stiff glossy peak form and sugar is dissolved.
3.Press strawberries and ice green tea together and then pour the juice in cup ( you can add some ice cubes if you like).
4.Pour the cream (step 2 )cover the tea, done!

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