Creating or copying?

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Which do you prefer? Kenco or Nescafe, Levi's or Wrangler, Cadbury's or Galaxy?

On our Facebook page yesterday I saw a post from "Send in the Troops" about plagarism and copying. Since I last looked I should imagine their are very many more comments added. However it got me to thinking....

Plagarism is copying or duplicating someone else's work. My question is - does making something yourself, with your own ideas of colour, practicality, size, etc mean that you are copying someone else. I know the answer is a resounding "NO". We would not have brands if that was the case. We would not have stores and shops selling the range of goods and services that they offer. We would not have choice.

When I did my BA (Hons) degree in Business Studies and Economics we had a whole lecture on "plagarism" and when we referenced something directly from another source we bookmarked them and gave credit to the source. I take inspiration from many things, books, the TV, the Internet and online shops, friends - the lists is endless. I would not like a world without inspiration and my hat goes off to those that inspire me. I salute you!

I hope that you enjoy the new products that we are regularly adding to the site. Some of these products are completely unique and designed by us and some are our production of popular goods found elsewhere. The choice is yours and the customer is always right. Enjoy looking at our products and decide for yourself.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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