Credit Agricole 2023

When I make my income tax declaration, I always download my E-Documents - RELEVE DE COMPTES – from Credit Agricole’s website to find my UK state pension payments. However, the bank statements for the year 2022 are not there, and I cannot find them – there are no E-documents for 2022 or any previous years.

Does anyone know if CA has changed its policy regarding old E-documents?

I have contacted the UK State Pension Office and they will send me the amount of state pension I received in 2022, by letter, but I’d like to know why I can’t download old E-documents from CA’s website.

If anyone can advise I’d be grateful.

That’s strange. Mine go back to 2013. I’ve just checked.

For a moment I thought I didn’t have mine, but then realised I needed to click on the individual a/c (I’ve got 3 a/cs) to go back to the historic documents.

Like Sue, I’ve just checked and I can see all my statements (through the app) back to 2017, when I opened the account(s).

Thank you both SuePJ & George1.

I had another go and mysteriously the info I wanted suddenly appeared where there was nothing before!

I’m not computer illiterate and have been downloading CA bank statements for years. My local branch bank of CA moved recently to somewhere else, so that may be a reason, or somehow my search & downloading efforts awakened a slow-responding website.

Whatever happened the problem appears to have resolved itself. Thank goodness! I do so hate computers sometimes!

Just added a note here - CA’s website is now currently unavailable for technical reasons!!!

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It should be a fairly easy exercise to set up a simple - and I do mean simple spreadsheet using (something like) Google Sheets to record the dates on which your pensions are due, what amount is due in GBP and what is paid in Euro if you have it paid that way direct from HMG to reduce reliance on the bank and to ensure that payments are indeed made as expected.
I have such a sheet which records 4 pensions - two for each of us - and it displays the numbers in a format which makes copying the figures across to the appropriate tax return boxes an absolute doddle.
This type of approach is what helped quickly identify when HMRC screwed up with our tax codes and taxed Govt Service pensions which should not have been taxed in the UK under the double taxation treaty which we were able to have remedied at the next pension payment when the tax taken was repaid by the pension provider.
Leaving it until the end of the UK tax year would have meant claiming it back from HMRC who are currently taking months to process refunds so there are clear benefits to taking this approach.