Cricket in Paris/France

Hey everyone,

It may only be February, but the cricket season starts in the not-so-distant future.

Now, I know it's a long shot, as I have never heard a whisper of cricket mentioned since being here, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any cricket clubs around Paris. The nearest one I can find is Thiory, which is easily an hours drive from Paris. And since I don't own a car, this is somewhat problematic.

Not sure if there is any structure to fixtures, but even just having a knock-about in the nets would nice on a warm summers day/evening.

Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated.


Hi James,

One other thought is that you contact FranceCricket. Here is their Website:

It's in French (and not the best Website I've seen) but if you contact them you should get more details of clubs around the Paris area.

Good Luck!


Hi Tony,

Thanks for the link, i've just done a quick search on Google maps and Chantilly is another ground and hour by car. I'll have to look further into getting there, or at least finding out how others get there!

I can imagine playing cricket in France in the summer is far better, the amount of times Saturday cricket gets rained off in the British summer, drove me up the wall aha.




Try this link:

France has various cricket clubs all around the country - many run by ex-pats. Some time ago, I used to help run a Junior club in the SoF and had a great time with my Son traveling to other regions to watch our team play.


Hi James, the one I would suggest I have played against and depending on your standard they are fairly average! They're called the Standard Athletic Club. Pool, tennis etc, probably a bit snooty and expensive but give them a call. They play lots of Brit teams too.