Crisis in Japan

Come on everyone, I am sure we can spare a couple of euros for a natural disaster such as this.

My daughter has pledged some of her pocket money to help out as she is so upset and she is only 6. The only other foreigner in her class is half Japanese with family in Japan and Chiara is so upset that his grandparents may be dead. I know many of us on here are not rich but by comparison with the people in the stricken region we are so very rich. We have roofs over our heads, warmth and food and it’s not even snowing on us. It takes just 2 minutes to pop over to James’ ‘Just Giving’ page and donate a fiver each - 2000 members giving just a little adds up to a lot.

Just an update to say that the family of Chiara’s friend have all all been confirmed safe and well with house and car intact.

thanks for the reminder tracy, good thoughts…

Well said Mrs T and well done Chiara!