Cruise Ship Captain.. fined for polluting the air

He tried to save money, but using a “cheaper” fuel, which was beyond the European pollution limits … I wonder if they fined him more than he saved ?? :thinking:

Ships burn Heavy Fuel Oil - basically the next step up from tar, it’s very polluting at the best of times.

He should have/could have used fuel which was within the parameters… he chose not to do so…

He admits his folly… now that he has been caught… :thinking::wink:

Did he? The report claims that he knew the fuel had too much sulphur but not on what evidence the claim was made (another report somewhere, perhaps).

It seems his employer paid most of the fine (still left him with 20k euros to find though).

Also, I assume that this was a standard check - the accusation was too much sulphur but not by a huge amount (1.68% vs 1.5%) so you probably wouldn’t have noticed anything different about the exhaust by eye.

If he knew, and knew that it was likely to be checked he certainly deserves the fine.

He has admitted that he was trying to cut costs… yes, he deserves the fine… :wink:

All these people going round the world eating and drinking and preyending they ate not causing pollution beggars belief.
Especially the ships which now go the Arctic.