Crystal ball?

Are Brits still buying and moving to France? If you listen to the estate agents then yes but they’re slightly biased. Anyone moved or about to buy in France and how do they feel about what may or may not happen after Brexit.

There are lots of properties sold in my region.
I am not sure how many of the sales reflect
brit purchasing but France is certainly regaining favour
as a good place to be.

My nearest British neighbours had had their house on the market for over a year when the Brexit referendum took place. When the result was announced they thought that that was that but it sold a couple of months later. Bought by another British couple. As to what the future holds, your title says it all.

I would say that for the Brits in Europe, especially those who have been denied a vote in the Referendum and the upcoming election, it is Survive the UK Government!

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Brexit or no Brexit, it will always boil down to the same question. Can you afford to live in France ? Many think they can, but they can’t.

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Isn’t that the same everywhere? I’m sorry if you’re struggling as most of us manage fine.


When I arrived, I had massive student debts and lived an 15 sq flat.

Think I am doing OK now though, thanks for asking. Don’t have anymore debts or credit and own a house…and I am still young.

Good. Just like many of us then.