CT Cars & Notaire Legal Fees

NEWBIE STUFF: CT & Property Legal Fees..Two questions...My car is due its CT end of October Do I have to personally 'book' my car in and present the car in person at the CT Station,,, or can I ask my local garage to do this on my behalf?...Question 2 Relates to the legal fees for house purchase is there a general rule for gauging legal fees Are fees related as a percentage to the Price of the Property-House? Regards Patrick

Thanks David extremely helpful:>)P

VMT Debra..Power saws logs and legal well done :>)

You can get your garage to book it in but why bother they'll only charge you. Just go along to your local CT station and ask for a "rendez-vous afin que fasse la contrĂ´le technique" the guys who do the work are not dummies or pressurised so if something is wrong they will try and explain the problem they've found they have no financial interest in finding faults hich require remedial work. Unlike the UK MOT which is just a way of snaring customers;