CTechnique for Motor Bikes, Sans Permis etc - LATEST

It’s back on the Agenda…

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I wish they’d make their mind up!

When I become President the first thing I’m doing is banning those voitures sans permis. Oh and I’m banning the priorité a droite too.


Good job you’re unlikely to be President then :rofl:

will be interesting to see if this does get enforced… the arguments either way… are coming thick and fast…

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Those sans permis apparently are going to be subject to a CT as well according to the news a little while ago. Some of them where I lived before, were just toxic polluters and held together with duct tape. The cost for a 2 wheel/3wheel and quad will be from €50 upwards depending on engine and starts like a car on the fourth year from newly purchased and then every two years.

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Or more correctly when the car is 4 years old from first registration rather than when it was purchased.
Of course as the vehicle gets older and changes ownership the date of CT might not fall as suggested due to intervening sales requiring a CT.

Mere details at the moment. Dosn’t affect me so not worried and maybe a good thing those sans permis are tested as well, some are little more than deathtraps to be honest and where I lived, it was the local drunks who drove them and often turned them over in a ditch or hit electric posts.

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We have the same problem here in the Medoc. Gentlemen of a certain age, with a discoloured noise and of large build, squashed into a car that’s not much bigger than a tin of Heinz baked beans so they’re hunched up over the steering wheel. The way they zigzag all over the road, even at midday, is a telltale sign of the driver’s state of inebriation.

The main route from Bordeaux that traverses the Medoc is only a Route Departmental, is mostly single carriageway yet is often too busy to make overtaking possible. Getting stuck behind a voiturette stuck doing 50 is so frustrating - and dangerous as it causes others to take risks.

Hence why I’m banning them. I’m glad I can count on everyone’s support here :slightly_smiling_face:


A local moto-peleton rozzer (my neighbor) said just last week it has been shelved for time being. I would like to see the 50 cc mopeds being MOT checked mainly as they are predominantly all tuned with bigger cylinders and tuned pipes that defeat the object and also the “drunk cars”. The local Bikers around here all take pride in condition of their machines, but there will always be exception to the rules.

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Reminds me of my son in law buying his wife (my girl) a Toyota Yaris when she arrived just after him to live in Texas. When he saw what other vehicles used the roads, he changed it within a week for a big 4x4 pickup. I imagine its the same in one of those tin cans and I used to think they ran on paraffin from the fumes they gave off.

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It seems to me that all posters on this tread are Brits complaining of a French way of life and living.
Not all people that drive VSP are alcoholics. Nothing stopping people unless otherwise notified driving 50km/h on roads. Just remember that most speed panels are for maximum autorisé and not a cruising speed.


Ahem… not “all posters”…

I’m reporting the News as it becomes available… :+1:

I’d need to check French law but in the UK you can be charged for driving too slowly as it’s considered “driving without reasonable consideration for other road users” and can even be classed as dangerous driving, e.g. driving too slowly on motorways.

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Yes, best you do check French law and the code de la route as we’re talking of France here.
VSP can’t go on motorways and some duel carriage ways, ie the périphérique around Paris. But have entitlement to the same open roads as a bicycle, moped or horse drawn carriage.
As for dangerous…. Driving at speed and lack of attention without due care are the major reasons for accidents.

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as a matter of interest… here in France… Celebrities are currently encouraging folk to drive at 110kmk instead of 130kmh on the motorways…
driving slower of their own freewill… without the need for legislation… as a gesture of Solidarity… the action resulting in less emissions and less carburant used…
and they are being officially cheered for their endeavours

I’ve been driving at 60mph on motorways since the fuel prices went up. It does improve your mpg.

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So, I did :slightly_smiling_face: Article R413-19 talks about not driving unnecessarily slowly.

Aucun conducteur ne doit gêner la marche normale des autres véhicules en circulant sans raison valable à une vitesse anormalement réduite.

Interestingly the same Article also mentions it’s unlawful for cars to drive slower than 80 in the overtaking lane on the autoroute.

Maybe I’m being harsh on voiturette owners… I might allow them to use roads on Sunday afternoons :rofl:

mph, miles per hour, ok but miles means nothing to me.
mpg, miles per gallon? I don’t even know what a gallon is.

I could do the km to miles conversion but wouldn’t know where to start with gallons (yes ok look it up).

Edited to add I did look it up, and frankly it is no clearer…

A gallon (gal) is the same as 16 cups or 8 pints or 4 quarts . It is the largest liquid measurement.


https://www.mathsisfun.com › us-st…

US Standard Volume - Math is Fun

Presumably there are also imperial gallons which are different again? God help us…

Edited again…

REALLY??? :exploding_head:

Sorry, we still have rhd van. 60mph is about 100kph and a gallon is approximately 4.5 litres. I can almost do 600 miles (1000 km) on a full tank in my Citroen Berlingo.

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