Cunning and ambitious, but still an idiot

The last thing that is needed now is a liar and his idiot Foreign Secretary (speciality topic; cheese) getting involved simply for home consumption. Thankfully the Russians know they are both totally flakey but their bombast encourage US agression.

“ Away from the cameras, Truss allegedly confused the Russian regions of Voronezh and Rostov with Ukrainian territory when Lavrov asked her whether she recognised Russia’s sovereignty over them. She repeatedly told Lavrov that the UK would never recognise Moscow’s claim, until the British ambassador was forced to step in to correct her, the Russian business daily Kommersant reported.”

The episode follows a previous taunt by Russia last week when the foreign secretary was taken to task over her comment that “we are supplying and offering extra support to our Baltic allies across the Black Sea”. The Baltic Sea and the Black Sea – where Ukraine sits on the coast – are on opposite sides of Europe.

The remark led Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, to observe: “Ms Truss, your knowledge of history is nothing compared to your knowledge of geography. If anyone needs saving from anything, it’s the world, from the stupidity and ignorance of British politicians.” The Foreign Office said that Truss’s remarks had been misinterpreted.


Deaf and dumb were also used, if the translation is correct :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I must admit that whenever I see “Lynn Truss” LIZ Truss and “Foreign Secretary” in the same sentence I have a fleeting hope that it’s a misprint.

(edited to insert correct name for F.S. Whoops…)


Hot on the heels of running away in Afghanistan the US is rattling it’s sabre again. Only this time it’s in our backyard, They’ll run away in Europe too if things turn nasty. Killing women and children with drones is one thing but I think US boots on the ground is probably a thing of the past.

Plus she’s sorting out the NIP :thinking:

Words can’t express the loathing I feel. I am totally ashamed of Britain as represented by this appalling government.


Unfortunately it is a misprint! Nevertheless, I think it’s unlikely that the author, Lynne Truss as Foreign Secretary could be less internationally convincing than the present incumbent, Liz Truss (I also used to be confused by this one!)

Mind you, were she in government , Lynne Truss’s guide to English usage and punctuation, Eats, Shoots & Leaves might be open to unfortunate misinterpretation in the current Ukrainian situation


Well at least the pandas will feel comfortable with the recent Sino-Russian love fest.

I am deeply ashamed. Especially as I have signed copies of Eats, Shoots and Leaves and her Cat books on my shelf.

And I didn’t even spell Lynne properly :self-flagellation emoji:

Despite the potential for Russian misinterpretation, I think she’d be a vast improvement on Her Lizness.


It’s late and e’s can get lost in the 'vening…

Liz but yes

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You are not the only one Brian…ahem

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Yeah, 'fraid I wasn’t paying attention.

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Even more unfortunate if there was a mis-quotation and the recipient an Australian. Whenever I see that book mentioned my memory strays back to the owner driver of a road train which had the motto on the rearmost trailer ‘The Wombat. Eats, Roots and Leaves’, the humour only works if you know what ‘roots’ is slang for in Australian. :roll_eyes:

Bravo for Russia.