Cuprinol in France

Does anyone know of a Cuprinol stockist in France? lists it but the shipping seems to be exorbitant, even with Prime membership.

I can’t answer directly, John, because I haven’t seen it either. However, there are external wood treatments in various colours that might work as well if they are to your taste? For example, I picked a blue one here…{“couleur”%3A"Bleu"}&page=1

I don’t think there are any stockists in france - I looked last year for some Garden Shades wood and decking stains, but all I found was on amazon at ridiculous prices. The Leroy merlin lasure isn’t nearly as good

We have found the 3V3 brand to be better. We had some cans of UK stuff including Cuprinol, that we brought over to use up. They didn’t cope with the climate here at all well.

I’ve used 3V3 as well as it’s stocked locally but it doesn’t seem to come in the rangeof colours Cuprinol does. Perhaps that isn’t a problem though…

Thanks Angela but I find paint quality here dreadful. I’ve spent a fortune in Tollens over the years for interior and exterior paint and I just gave up. I’ve a lifetime’s supply of Dulux in the cave now (hope my wife doesn’t go of the colours) and aluminium shutters to avoid maintenance.

Where are you Jane? I’ve some concerns about sun damage alright. Though humidity won’t be an issue at all.

That’s exactly the stuff I want Mark. I’ve planning permission for two car wooden garage but it can’t be “wood” coloured :roll_eyes:

Tint it! I have a loathing for french peanut brittle coloured varnish, but you can buy tint separately and change it. So I get the incolouré and add colour.

Our climate can be extreme…it can change 30+ degrees in 24 hours every day which is hard for many things (including me). In summer we are in late 30’s during day and can drip back down to just a couple of degrees at night.

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The great “abonné absent” from French DIY stores, in line with the expensive cost of decent paint.

I wonder why there’s this issue with paint? When someone first mentioned it to me years ago I though they were loopy, why should paint in France be that different for paint elsewhere? But I soon realised they were right.

I might give this crew a bell…

Ahh, I’m not that brave. I’m not in charge of colour selection, just application. I’d prefer the security of the colour selector in chief having selected it from a colour catalog :smile:


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I’d second the recommendations for 3V3. Absolutely trustworthy guy in my local DIY recommended it for weather.

I checked reviews across a number of French retail sources and all top end far ahead of anything else. The only other brand that came close for weather was Julien also stocked by my local DIY - but my guy said 3V3.

If you amble around the internet there is the odd site selling DIY brands especially paint cheaper than retail but sometimes only in trade tins/larger sizes/not just one.

Used some of the 3V3 and it’s nice stuff seems solid. Paint formulations for same brand may differ across countries. Lots of UV and heat hitting my paint here so happier to have paid up for a French formulation.

For woodstain I’ve used a bit of Lidl and Aldi when I watched a few seasons of all the locals happily buying it and told me they always bought it. Hasn’t peeled off yet after a couple of summers where things got up to low 40’s C for 2 or 3 weeks - time will tell.

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PS what I’m still recovering from is the price of decent wood primer here (when you can find it). For that I may get around to getting some Zinsser in the UK sometime to have ready for the next time.

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For years I’ve used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer - absolutely unbeatable.

I also use 3v3 Climats Extremes for our concrete balustrades and Cuprinol for our gazebos and cottage windows: no colour fade or flaking from either product.