Currency Transfer Companies

Hello, I realise that this subject has been covered before but I’m after current comments please.

For some time I have dealt with Currency Fair for transfers but they seem to be on the verge of a breakdown. Money goes missing, lied to etc. So I’ve been looking for someone new. Read through this forum & found lots of happy people who suggest Transfer wise/Torfx and others. So looked through review sites for said companies.

I always start with the 1 star & work up but by the time you’ve read the one stars it’s usually enough! Almost all of the ones suggested sound like crooks (this includes CF).

So it it just best to write a list & blindfolded stick a pin in? It just looks like you could not trust any of them but maybe someone knows different?

Comments appreciated.

I’ve used Currencies Direct for 4 years, only for amounts between €200-500 at à time, but their on-line facility is very easy to use and transaction time is very satisfyingly brief. They offer a good telephone customer service too. They consistently rate between 4.2 and 5 stars in standard reviews, and have my personal recommendation.

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Transferwise have never given me any problems (and I’ve used them for 5 figure transfers).

I guess any outfit can have problems and sometimes 1-star reviews say more about the reviewer than whatever is being reviewed.

If interested in TW send me your email address in a PM and I’ll send you a referral - I get a 50 quid bung if you send some money :slight_smile:

Some swear by HiFX, I used them for one transfer, no problems but it was simpler to stick to just one outfit and we went with TW.

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Do you have hard evidence to condemn Currency Fair? I always use them without a problem.

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Been using Transferwise for quite a while and never had a problem

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I used to be with Currency Fair until (some years back) they changed their bank and it all went silly for a few days. I then found Transferwise on a recommendation and have never looked back. Very useful for small amounts - few hundred pounds at a time and reasonable rates and minimal service charge. If I make the transaction in the morning the money is always in my French account by the end of the day. I also like the fact that I can do the deal with just my debit card.

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We have been using World Remit for a while now (mainly pension income up to £1000 per occasion) and found them to be swift and reliable. There is a fee of £2.99 per transaction, no matter what the amount transferred, but the rate is reasonable despite the fee. We pay by UK Debit card from a UK bank and the money is usually with our French bank within a day or so. The transfers are done via an app on my smart phone.
Sure, we can probably get a better rate elsewhere (like TW and others) but the difference in funds is not probably worth the hassle of setting up another account.

Do have a look at Revolut as the banking world has moved on in respect of transfers.

With Revolut there is absolutely no exchange fees you simply pay the interbank rate.

On a recent small house purchase it saved approx 500 euros.

How easy is it to set up an account with Revolut @Mat_Davies ?
Las time we tried with TW is was almost akin to being on trial during the Spanish Inquisition and made the more difficult because we no longer had a ‘presence’ in the UK.

I am not aware of problems with torfx … :thinking:


I found it easy, many of my friends and relatives have set up accounts in the last couple of months so it can’t be too difficult.

Many thanks for all your comments. With Revolute they have no Banking License and the two owners are Russian so I personally would not deal with them.

I think that looking at reviews is that in the end you wouldn’t want to deal with any of them!

So this what I found

Never heard of World Remit so I’ll have a look at them. Maybe it would be best if I stop looking at reviews & get out more!

Thanks again to everyone!

Sorry Matt but just looked at World Remit!

I am pretty sure that some of these reviews are not genuine so I think I’ll have to proceed on the ‘least bad’ approach!


I have been using them for about 18 months without complaint (to the contrary I think they are great).

They are one of the fastest growing “banks”.

Everyone is free to choose.

I used Currencies Direct about ten years ago and they were excellent I used Torfx two years aago and they were excellent also. I contacted them about two weeks ago to make another transfer but found xe rates gave me a much better rate (giving me about £200 more) so I used them and they also were excellent.

So, very little to choose between them based on trustpilot (assuming that you trust Trustpilot reviews)

TW - 6% Bad, Poor or average reviews
TorFX 5%
CF 7%
WR 6%


I think you just have to try one of them and see how it goes.

+1 for XE, they used to be HIFX. I’ve used others too but it’s all about getting the best rate so I’ll just choose one at the time.

Surely, that is the way to go… ask for a quote and choose whichever one takes your fancy on the day itself.

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I’ve not had any bad experiences with WR either.
Those reviews are questionable IMO and seem mainly to relate to sending wonga to troublesome economies.

I’ve been using Transferwise for about 6 yrs now, highly recommended. Low fees, good comparable rates, fast transfers