Curry by Air - 2018

Good morning all!

After much organisation and planning, I’m pleased to say that the first “Curry by Air” event will be taking place on Saturday 13 January 2018 at Bordeaux Saucats Airfield, in partnership with Iroise Aéro
Formation and the Akash Indian Restaurant.

Getting a decent Indian takeaway in France has never been easy, so we decided to charter a plane and fly one in from the UK.

For one night only, get stuck in to some of your favourite Indian dishes and meet like-minded people.

For more info, read the PDF for the event:

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I wish you the best of luck with this venture… but must express my amazement that there are sufficient folk (who do not enjoy the local Indian Cuisine)…to make such a “mercy-flight” necessary…

All down to one’s personal taste, of course… and how dull the world would be if we all liked exactly the same things…:relaxed:

It will be interesting to see how this pans out…

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Trop cool!

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I notice that the restaurant only scores three out of five in the food hygiene inspection

Seems like a stupid idea to fly food from an already susceptible source in one country to serve it in another. Really, what is the point? Some people will eat any old crap especially when drunk.


What is bizarre David? £32 for a plate of unhygienic curry flown across the channel and re warmed?

I’ll add a few extra details:

Nobody is making any money out of the event. It is just for fun! :slight_smile:

The price is simply calculated to cover a part of the cost of renting the aeroplane.

Naan bread and other “sundries” will be made locally.

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Reminiscent of the mad-dash across the Channel with the first Beaujolais Nouveau… in times gone by…

Talking of which… while we were in UK brother-in-law surprised us with a 1997 bottle of BN …
I was very wary at first…nearly caused an international incident :wink:…but it was excellent … phew …so no fisticuffs

I still reckon it will be interesting to see how the curry-mad-dash turns out… :relaxed:

It’s nothing to do with the money though James it just seems rather futile hiring a plane to transfer second rate food from a poor performing (hygiene) establishment. There are many, many other Indian (Asian) restaurants that you could have chosen that have irreproachable reputations.

I know the restaurant personally having been a regular customer for the best part of 20 years.

I also regularly take my own clients (immersion students) there for meals.

Had I any qualms whatsoever about the quality of their food, there is no way I would have allowed myself to be associated with them.


No accounting for taste I suppose? Doesn’t it bother you that their hygiene practices are poor and the general level of hygiene only achieves 3 out of 5? Scores like that show gross incompetence, laziness and poor management along with a complete disregard for customers.

Crikey David ! Sounds like you have had a bit of Delhi Belly in the past. Don’t worry, I won’t forcibly shovel Vindaloo down your throat!

As a basis for comparison, Veeraswamy’s of Regent Street, one of the most prestigious curry houses in the UK, complete with a Michelin Star, also “only” has a hygiene rating of 3…


James…Fair comment…and I’m busy checking out some of the eateries I used to frequent… might make interesting reading…:blush:

James, Michelin are not food hygiene inspectors and secondly I think Veeraswamy, along with one of the other restos in the group, Chuntney Mary’s are trading on the historical “fame” I simply believe that there is no excuse for anybody preparing and or selling food to achieve anything less than 4 out of 5.

Yippee… this is from my old stamping-ground … I knew it before it burned to the ground… but this rebuild has been well done…it rated a 5 in 2017

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To be fair 3 is supposed to be “Generally Satisfactory”, not “Grossly Incompetent”

That said I would prefer to see a 5 on the door as it suggests the restaurant cares enough to want to be more than just “good enough” in its food hygiene.

It sounds like fun to me - any volunteers to go on the plane and carry the poppadoms?

I think you are right… fun is the word… with the right crowd (even if they don’t get to fly in the plane)… it should be a good night out…

And why not.
I hope that it all works out well.
A question or 2…how will the food keep hot or will it be re heated?
I love Indian cooking and have 2 favs in London…the one in
Mayfair with the Michelin star and Indian Zing.

Both places offer the lighter style of Indian cuisine.
I really would imagine that not just any restaurant would get
involved in this Curry by Air.


ps it is not Veereswamy…that is traditional.