Curry by Air - 2018

(Barbara Deane) #41

Yes I hear you…my friends did have people who cooked food for them but the interest
in eating food…including that which originated in India is relevant.
But like every thing in life we all tend to see things totally differently.
Yes most of the Indian restaurants in London produce almost tasteless dishes
with various codes of chilli volume.
With all cooking I look for good ingredients and skill in producing flavours.
Professional or non professional.
So, perhaps that is what I call authentic.
Once again I remind you that this is a discussion and within this I may
introduce characters…people often do…it brings the conversation to life.

(Barbara Deane) #42

ps…of course I share meals with close friends.
So no need to feel sorry for me or any one who will
also welcome a stranger to join them at times.

(David Martin) #43

Who has complained that you have ‘introduced’ people? Certainly not me. All I did was contrast the people I introduced to those you introduced.

(Barbara Deane) #44

David I am calling it a day with you…I do not wish to argue.

(Ann Coe) #45

My French partner enjoys cooking, he makes some wonderful Asian dishes and has managed to find all the spices he needs within a 100km radius of us (when we travel to the 'big towns) mainly at markets or Asian food shops.
I agree that a dish prepared with care and shared with friends at home beats any take away. The thought of sitting down to an overpriced reheated ‘Curry by air’ does not appeal to me one little bit. Why have second best when you can have the best at home? :slight_smile:

(Barbara Deane) #46

Infact I too can not see the point of flying in a meal to re heat…but
if you are not fond of cooking or good at it…it could be an answer.
Why not.

(Barbara Deane) #48

David please do not turn a question into a weapon of war.
Perhaps you were a headmaster or a naval officer…but
I was asking about your cooking.
We clearly do not seem to be enchanted by each other…
no problem this happens.
I will not be expecting a Christmas gift in the post.

(David Martin) #49

What right do you have to question my cooking?

(Ann Coe) #50

Here is one of his Asian meals, not curry this time, but a Chinese meal including tea eggs, making my mouth water … oh hum off to make my lunchtime sandwich :wink:

(Barbara Deane) #51

Looks inviting.
would enjoy being invited to dinner!

(Ann Coe) #52

Hello Barbara
You say that if you are not fond of cooking or good at it, that flying in a meal to re heat could be the answer and then state why not .
I don’t like cooking but I don’t have the means to order a take away delivered by ’ plane whenever the fancy takes me. Also it’s a shocking waste of money and resources when so many people are starving in the world. That’s why not !

(stella wood) #53

Hi Everyone…

I know Brits who order bread, cheese, potatoes, tomatoes etc etc from Tesco and other establishments in the UK…to be delivered to France by a man with a van…

so I can see little difference when a chap enjoys a curry at his local UK restaurant and offers to organize a curry-flight for any interested party…I’m sure the food will be properly prepared/packed etc etc… :grin:.

Not everyone’s cup of tea… but give him some brownie points… for effort at least… and let’s see how it goes…:blush:

(Ray Rampton) #54

Hi Stella,
I agree.

Sometimes I cook dishes up from scratch (raw spices) mixed and blended etc. to a precise recipe, sometimes I mix up to an ‘approximate’ recipe, sometimes I just tip over a jar of Patak’s, sometimes (and these can be the best) I rinse out all of the old chutney & pickle jars and get something very good.
I enjoy them all with the right company.

I have taken my wife to Michelin Star restaurants and on other occasions to the Kebab Van - all good times at different times.

Surely, anyone who goes to the night markets is going out not just for the cuisine but for the social event, the chance to meet new people, discover new friends, discover new views and perspectives etc.
Personally I won’t be attending this event (I’m nearer to the Portsmouth end that the French end) but I do applaud James’ initiative and following it through - I hope it’s a great success.
In my mind, if xx years from now just one person turns to a friend and says ‘do you remember that night when we had curry flown in,’ with a smile then it will have been an immense success and worth every effort. Very best of luck!

(David_Naylor) #56

That’s frustrating wonder what the post was?

(Michelle Symmons) #57

I had a brain fart and deleted it by accident. I was just commenting that maybe that particular curry house should be avoided in that case! :wink:

(Barbara Deane) #58

I think that the plan is an adventure for the group and should be fun…even if the food
is not amazing.
All joining in on that day./eve will be out for with the same thing in mind.
They may make some new friends…never hurts.

(Jane Williamson) #59

I believe that they send meals, packed in sealed containers, but the main thing is that they are so good thst people are prepared to pay for it.
We could use their takeaway facility when living in UK, but paying for it to be sent to Burgundy is going too far.

(Paul Flinders) #60

Apologies if this has already been suggested.

Would it not be much more efficient to fly the chef and his team down, and get freshly cooked food?

(David_Naylor) #61

The problem there is that they would have to charge probably ten times as much to compensate for the lost revenue/ profit at the UK restaurant.

(Barbara Deane) #62

Well yes…of course.
Mighty exspensive.
I have suggested to my fav London chef to come over here
and set up a pop up restaurant for a few days.
With a demonstration of cooking too.
He would be interested but I would need an audience to pay.
He has a superb restaurant in London with very special light
cuisine and I always go there if I am in London.
But if I can get a group here at Clos des Saveurs and book him
for early autumn next year I promise everyone a great time.
Plus a picnic and wine tasting in a chateau just outside st Emilion.
So let me know.