Curry by Air - 2018

(Barbara Deane) #63

ps we have an outdoor wood oven for pizza or tandoor.

(Paul Flinders) #64

You are going to need a full restauant’s worth of people who are interested anyway otherwise the prices will be stratospheric so there is no real lost opportunity cost. Fly down one morning, cook, fly back the next morning.

(Barbara Deane) #65

the way it will work is that chef will stay near by for 3 nights and assistant.
No he has staff in his own restaurant.
People can book in here for a few days late sept ish…stay and have a short holiday.
We are chefs too…but French cuisine.

Others can book the afternoon experience.
Just ideas coming and costing would have to be worked out…


(David_Naylor) #66

Barbara I’ve noticed a couple of errors on your website the words used are spelt correctly but are the wrong words for example you state under the heading “Dining in” available on request and our instead of and are
Just letting you know. By the way can’t find the other I’m struggling with an iPhone 7 Plus

(Barbara Deane) #67

my web site is being updated on Monday with some new pics.
I have a type of dyslexia which struggles with sequences etc…but others have
typed most of the editorial for me.
But thanks …
Another website which has more pics is Clos de Chinon olivers travels.
this is an agents sight and they change our name.
Chinon was the name of our restaurant in London.

(David_Naylor) #68

It’s site by the way. Just wanting to help :slightly_smiling_face:

(Barbara Deane) #69

you can not find…
Olivers travels clos de chinon ?

(David_Naylor) #70

No. The other error

(Maureen Horswell) #71

Gosh Barbara, he is a most disagreeable man.

(Véronique Langlands) #72

Place of pilgrimage when I go back to Gloucestershire! I am lucky enough to have friends who live about 400m away from the PTI. :blush:

(Barbara Deane) #73

who is a most disagreeable man?
The spelling prob…is that what you are referring to?
I do not get upset so easily any more.

(David_Naylor) #74

@MaureenHorswell who are you referring to?

(stella wood) #76

@Maureen_Horswell … do you know how to use the Message facility?? I have sent you a Message…

(stella wood) #77

@Maureen_Horswell I have sent you a Message too… there seem to be 2 of you… :wink:


(David_Naylor) #78

@Barbara_Deane if you are referring to the comments I made about the errors on your website I stated in my posts that I highlighted them to be of help to you, surely you realise your website is often the first impression your customer gets of you and your business. If you don’t want that help then feel free to continue to display your incompetence and lack of gratitude.

(stella wood) #79

Hi folks… let’s get back to talking Curry… shall we… :wink:

(Barbara Deane) #80

Now David N this is unfair …I had accepted your comment about the web site…
I feel that your new comment is very rude.
I WAS asking the lady about the comment "disagreeable man"
If you feel the need to reflect upon the character and abilities of others
please take a good look at yourself first.
Unkindness is not a virtue.
How comes that people get grumpy this time of the year!

yes back to curry…

(David_Naylor) #81

I do Barbara and I quite like what I see. :wink:

(Barbara Deane) #82

I am laughing!

Lets see a photo…lets have a parade of photos of grumpy men.

(stella wood) #83

Honestly… you lot… grumpy or not…:laughing::grin::wink: stop these shenanigans and get back to hot-topic… CURRY

I would like to know what bits and bobs you prefer alongside the rice…At home, we always have mango chutney, lime pickle and sometimes my home-made chutney…

so, let’s have some more ideas…