Curry by Air - 2018

(Barbara Deane) #84

we have vegetable birayani and we make thai chicken sticks
using a mix of coconut milk, lemon grass, ginger, fish sauce, garlic, seasoning…we make a crust for chicken fillets which are put onto wooden skewers…fries in shallow peanut oil in a few mins.
we make raita. and some times various other dishes.

(Dan Wood) #85

Fresh chicken breasts from our local butcher, PATAKS Tikka Epice, fresh mushrooms, red wine, fresh garlic, peeled tomatoes.
Marinate for a few hours and cook in a low oven for an hour or so. Serve with Uncle Bens Basmati rice and warm Nan bread (from PICARD) - Delicious and simple to prepare for those of us who have no cookery pretentions. I’ve also dabbled with fresh spices from our Asian supermarket when cooking curried lamb or King Prawns but l always come back to PATAKS pastes and sauces.

There are a couple of highly rated Indian restaurants in Bordeaux that we’ve tried but they never seem to live up to our expectations and friends have commented that my home cooked curries are far better. I never reveal my secrets (Until now).

So sorry James wont be joining you in January but wish you well with this ‘Curry in the Sky’ or would ‘Pie in the Sky’ be a better description? Sorry, couldn’t resist it.

(Ray Rampton) #86

Hi Dan, Pataks is also a good overnight marinade for barbecue food :grinning:and::plate_with_cutlery:

(stella wood) #87


What was the outcome… did you all enjoy a delicious curry ???

(James Emery) #88

Haven’t had the event yet !

Its on Saturday 13 January.

Please do come down and join us :slight_smile:

(stella wood) #89

Hi James

I’m sure you will all have a fun time.

Saturday 13th…(for my sins) I shall be helping prepare the Salle des Fêtes for the Old Folks’ Christmas Party… yes, I know it is no longer officially Christmas in UK… but here… it runs on a bit…

Anyway… we shall have about 100 oldies and not so oldies, dining, dancing and generally having fun at Sunday mid-day until about 6pm… their stamina is amazing.

best of luck with your curry event… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Barbara Deane) #90

Life in your area is different.
Christmas parties in Jan and car sharing?
Where doyou live?

(stella wood) #91

Nouvelle Aquitaine …our part is very rural…very low incomes… very community-spirited.

The Old Folks’ Party has been held in January for the past 20 years. It is free for everyone over 70. The infirm or anyone without a car… they are ferried in… and everyone has a wonderful time together. The Christmas decorations are left up until after they have profited from them…

(Peter Juselius) #92

(michael archer) #93

The story was news on BBC breakfast this morning With Steph McGovern saying in her lovely northern accent, “That’s a bit expensive for a curry ain’t it”

(Barbara Deane) #94

Well why not!
A little of what you fancy does you good.
I love real Indian cooking and one of my very favourite restaurants
in London is based on the borders of Chiswick.
The food is very light, fresh tasting and with full flavour. The staff
are friendly and there are no pretensions.
The chef owner would come over here and we would be able to offer
an informal meal …he would cook all the Indian specialities and j and I
would add some french amuse bouches and desserts.
But time is money for my fav chef and I am not sure how I could plan this.
Not looking to make money…just to have an amazing event.
My place is not big enough really but I have a friend near by who has a chateau
and it may be something she would love to do…maybe I will ask.
We only live once.

(anon54681821) #95

we have a great indian here called lotus indien. probably some of the most authentic food ive ever eaten,

they also offer takeout food.

Enjoy all those that attend tonight though. I do love a good curry

(Barbara Deane) #96

Yes possibly but Gers is too far for lunch or dinner for me.
I am between Bordeaux and Bergerac.
My fav chef cooks lobster, quails, duck and so many things…his sauces
are not on the meat they surround it and each sause tastes different.
The breads etc are light and fluffy.
He does not have a Michelin star and does not need it but the flavours are

(anon54681821) #97

Yes I hear that although the Sariac Magnoac is actually the Hautes-Pyrénées 65 region which is even further from you.

The curry night is too far for me as well or id be there myself. has put me in the mood for a curry though so I am just about to order mine.

The place you go to sounds lovely too.

My favorite restaurant well 2 places are the Tea in the teapot and SDF Varin Cenac in trie sur baise (also known as Bar, Restaurant de la Paix)

(Barbara Deane) #98

I see that you love dogs …I love all animals …but adore cats.
Getting to love people too.
I am looking at inviting my chef friend over…I hope.

(anon54681821) #99

i love all animals yes, prefer dogs to everything else though. Its why im surrounded by them.

(Barbara Deane) #100

i undesrstand this totally.

(anon54681821) #101

@James_Emery hope it was a great success.

Seeing a bit of hate (or is it jealousy) on facebook this morning few shares to different groups but heyho can’t keep everyone happy.

(James Emery) #102


What turned out as a bit of a silly idea for an airborne jolly turned into a media circus!

I really didn’t expect so much attention, I was just hoping enough people would turn up!

I’ve been interviewed on 5 live, LBC, Sky News, and many more…

The story has been covered as far afield as Bangladesh!

Hoping to get back to normal life now.

Not bad for a few curries :slight_smile:

Here is a little story on France 3 Aquitaine covering the arrival at Bordeaux:

(anon54681821) #103

James I would not worry yourself, i saw a couple of posts moaning I pointed out so whats the difference to buying a curry night over people buying their shopping from tescos. There is little difference apart from this was a limited event, people buying their shpping from tescos creates probably hundreds of lorries a year coming to france , far more worse pollution than one small little plane.

Im just glad everyone had a great night.

Your french accent is amazing btw.