Customer service regarding Double Glazed windows

Hello - wonder if anyone can help me. I have had double glazed windows installed in my flat but one of the windows has a big black mark in the middle. A day after thy were installed i alerted the company and they did acknowledge my email. Since none of my emails are answered and no action has been taken from their side. The mark is at eye level and is inside the glass. Its unacceptable, as I have carefully researched which firm to employ and went for the best known, and best recommended one and not the cheapest. Is there a route i should take in this instance, a solicitor and if so which one? Are customers protected by an Ombusman or Small Claims court as we have in the UK. Any advice is gratefully received. Thank you.

What timescale are we talking about???

Do you have the official paperwork from the company, with all the guarantees etc ?

Thank you Stella, good point. Windows went in at the beginning of July.

And they gave me a sheet of paper I had to sign when they finished the job. I noticed the black mark the following day.

Ah… chances are you have signed, confirming that all is well… ???

None the less, the fault exists and needs to be dealt with.
Can you tell us which company you used??? Someone might have had similar experiences …

Hi Stella

Many thanks for your email. I used Weisz, supposed to be really good where I am which is in Paris.
Thank you. Wilma.


Hi Stella

The company I used was Weisz, based just outside Paris. They came highly recommended.

We had a small mark in a new glazed door. The company sent someone out to look at it and they said it was within the norm for that glass as less than 2mm. It annoyed us, but we have eventually got used to it.

Write a letter LRAR to them asking for this glass to be changed. Writing formally to make your complaint is always the first step in France.

The windows should be guaranteed at least ten years by their assurance. If you cannot get any joy from speaking to anyone and getting someone out to inspect the mark, contact a Huissier de Justice who will do it on your behalf. It will cost you but they have clout and will work on your behalf. My neighbour had to do that with the company which built both our houses last year as they did not clear the land, put in a sewage pipe that ran uphill and some other issues, they were out rectifying it within days of the huissier contacting them!

Thank you, just the kind of information I was looking for.
Massive thanks!

Thank you for your suggestions.
Kind regards Willemien.