Cyclists, in France

Any idea how many cyclists are injured, or worse, on the roads in France?, seen some very ‘close calls’ recently. :roll_eyes:.

as a rider and sponsor of my local club I can, unfortunately, confirm that the numbers are not insignificant. I rode up the mont ventoux last weekend and there were several accidents. I’ve seen (but managed to avoid) many crashes during races and cyclosportives. I had a bad crash 6 years ago, was on a club run when a car cut me up on a decent, 3 days in hospital, fractures etc… not fun but I’m still on the bike. I ride with two clubs and there are accidents each year with both… I could go on but won’t.
I rode just over 8000km last year and haven’t had an accident for 6 years :slight_smile: not sure what the ratio km/accident is like between driving a car and riding a bike…?!

Drivers have less and less respect. I rode my bike up Mt Ventoux (slowly) last year and had no problem. However when I drove my car up there a couple of weeks before that, I found myself behind a group of cyclists on the way back down (Sault road). As they were doing about 40 - 50k/h I was quite happy just to cruise along behind them at a respectable distance. That didn’t stop other drivers overtaking me and then the cyclists, even with bends fast approaching. MAD

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