Every year we buy a lot of dahlias which duly flower in the colours shown on the packet.

Every year we dig them up to stop them freezing and store them in a dry dark place.

Every year we replant them.

And every year they flower again. And they're all white! No more yellows, reds, oranges -- just white.

Is this just a normal ploy to keep us buying new dahlias or are we missing something?

I bought a lovely gaudy pink one with open flowers and also lots of buds on it and the buds all opened up white. Very weird. Anyway the slugs have eaten it now :-(

I would celebrate the fact that you've managed to get something to flower this August! Promised rain never arrives and the water butts are empty. The only thing that's thriving in our garden are red salvias and bindweed.

Well that would have been my comment – from Westchester County, NY. not enough rain to fill Trump’s brain!