Daihatsu Fourtrak 4x4

Seriously considering selling my Daihatsu Fourtrak RHD, still UK registered, taxed and MOT’ d (waiting for carte grise). Anyone returning to the UK (or staying here and wants to do the process themselves) and would like to purchase please contact. The cost of first registration here in France is putting me off continuing with the process (anything from €1500-2500). The truck is a TDL from 2001 and has done circa 130k. Last MoT (10.04.2019). Cambelt done in June this year in UK when I bought it. The car just happily sat at 70mph all the way down to the south of France and pulls like it should (it is known to be able to pull 3.5t). These engines are reknown for being bulletproof. The bodywork has previously been sorted (often a weak point) and lots of underseal. Lots of history till last year when it seems it was used very little. I have already purchased headlights to change to LHD but not yet fitted.
I paid £2600 and will consider serious offers. In Caunes Minervois, 11160.

There is a cost calculator on the Gouv.fr website, my Discovery 3 2006 cost under €300, yours shouldn’t be any more.

Hi Mark,

I’ll try that calculator. I used another one and it showed around €1700 depending which output figures they choose (not shown on V5), but could be much higher. It surprised me! I did a petrol Ajudi TT last year for €300 but the Daihatsu is diesel and dirty in comparison.



In the nicest way, I hope there is a mistake with your figures.

However, I know there is a very strong move, nationally, against Diesel vehicles, so would not be surprised if the sums are correct.

Thanks, I’m using the calculator suggested and trawling through the net trying to get figures not on the V5.

Well, looks like either I made a huge error or the calculator I originally tried was wrong. I’m guessing the former!

Thanks for the suggestions and support. I guess it seems I can keep it after all!


Phew, that is good news … :grin::grin::grin:

Good choice Andy. I had one until about 4 years ago…an excellent allrounder.

Don’t forget, you will need a CoC and a CT ( I know they are supposed to accept a UK MoT less than 6 months old, but in reality they dont).

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Thanks Bob. FYI, I spoke to Vincent. As soon as I get the house keys he will try and meet me sometime. Maybe catch up sometime.

Thanks Mark. CoC I have. The registration has been submitted with a UK mot. I was able to do so last year with my Audi but I am not holding my breath this time round. The garage doing it says sometimes it goes through, sometimes it does not. He has a friendly CT guy close by him anyway. My only CT concern is the speedo which has kms on the inside. Some CT people will not accept that but worse case I can get a kmph speedo quite cheap over here. I have the lights already.


Mark, you will know more than most.

Is there anything new with CT which would not like Miles on the speedo (with KM inside)?

All our cars are UK/Miles and we have never had a problem.

I wish I’d never sold mine, but sometimes needs must.
Vincent phoned me to say you’d spoken.
You’ll be in good hands :slight_smile:

Thanks Bob. He sounds solid.

No, Stella, that has not changed.

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Andy - If should you need a CT - Mark Rimmer has confirmed, Miles/km such as you describe will not be a problem - it is NOT listed as a no-no in the CT Legislation.

good luck

This is the current test requirements -

Checking the operation when the vehicle is moving. The lighting of the
speed is checked switch in “dipped beam” position.
Code Observation Additional details Level Not in compliance with Minor requirements Missing (if required) Major Impaired operation - Jerk operation

  • Poor display quality
    while allowing to visualize the
    speed (e.g. screen degradation)
    Technical inspection TECHNICAL INSTRUCTION C 7/10
    IT VL F7 7 - OTHER EQUIPMENT April 18, 2018 Totally inoperative - Needle blocked
  • Faulty display (all or part of it)
    inoperative figures do not
    that does not allow you to view the
    Major Insufficient lighting Minor Totally devoid of major lighting
    7.11. ODOMETER
    Checking the operation of the vehicle’s total odometer with mileage reading
    For vehicles put into service before 1 January 1960 without an odometer
    totalizer, the controller indicates the value 0 (zero) and does not detect any failure.
    Code Observation Additional details Level Mileage recorded is less than that of
    identified during a previous audit
    Minor Manifestly inoperative - Counter blocked at zero
  • Display type diode or crystals
    defective liquids

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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Fantastic Stella, this group is priceless.

Thank you