Dance Sport International (DSI) - Calling all latin ballroom dancers

Dear Dancers,

My Name is Claire Morris. I live in Nimes, Languedoc Roussillon area and currently work as a sales rep for Dance Sport International (DSI London).

We are one of the leading companies right now in selling dance wear products for both latin and ballroom dancers. We offer a range of products, Ballroom, Latin dresses, Juvenile wear, Menswear fabrics, Preciosa and Swarovski rhinestones, dress accessories, ladies accessories, shoe and shoe accessories and media products like CD's, DVD's and dance books. We currently sponsor the top latin and ballroom dancers in the world.

Please visit our website by clicking on the below link, to check out our products and then contact me to place your order.

Alternatively, to request a catalogue or for further information please contact me.

Keep dancing!

Claire Morris

06 21 04 44 49