Dangerous dogs

Alot of people have said a Staffordshire Bull terrier is on category 1 dangerous dog list. I have a staffie so it concerned me. Especially because they have to be muzzled in public. Anyway if you check the current upto date list they have been removed and it states they are not a dangerous dog. Still concerns me they call American Pit bulls “American Staffordshire bull terriers” which is odd but at least my dog is not on the list.

I am sure you are a loving/responsible dog-owner… sadly not everyone is (no matter what breed of dog they own).

Here is the link for the doggie info which folk might find useful/interesting as it covers many aspects


I think much depends on whether you can produce paperwork to certify parentage/lineage. Bull terriers with long noses and little eyes weren’t on the list but then the descriptions seem to morph into each other. Basic rule seems to be if a dog is pedigree with paperwork it’s not so bad - if it was born, dumped, abandoned, zero papers but has a big fat head and doesn’t obviously look like a retriever or german shepherd then it’s automatically a pitbull, no ifs or buts, and you jump through the hoops with insurance, temperament tests etc.

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