Daniel Cohn-Bendit revoked his membership of the French Greens today

Daniel Cohn-Bendit revoked his membership of the French Greens on Sunday in protest at the party's decision to oppose the ratification of the European Union's budget discipline pact. 'Red Danny', as he was known for his student activism, has served as deputy for French Green parties since 1999 and is co-president of the European Parliament's Green group. French Greens voted against the terms of the pact at an assembly yesterday, concluding that it would not provide long term solutions to the EU crisis nor help environmentally friendly policies.

France should ratify the pact early next month. Amajor revolt in the coalition could force the PS government into rleying on the conservative opposition. Cohn-Bendit said: "I've decided to suspend my participation in this movement. It's clear to me that deep down, things are finished between me and Europe-Ecologie." It may exacerbate tensions within the group, which supports France's Socialist-led government and has two ministerial posts.

Mr Hollande is probably not biting his finger nails quite yet but amongst his most popular ministers are the two Greens.

Mazel tov!

Bandito also has the other one, his (to be polite) religious-ethnic community. Why didn't he save it for Wednesday, Yummy Kipper, or whatever it is called, and really gone the whole hog (aaargh - must NOT mention that animal), they'll have my bacon. Johnny, please forgive me and be very Irish about it!

Now, where was I Cate?????????

Cate I shall imediately repent of using Sky News. At least they spelled his name right.

There are a lot of Poles living in this area recently, or was it some other kind of thing you meant?

Oh gosh cate, moi a tea avec Herr Cohn-Bandit. He got his nose in when the Alternative-Liste (West Berlin Greens) were being founded, many of the founders being friends and colleagues. Meeting = 40 to 200 green people - is that a Venusian invasion?

As for the two ministers, I am quoting a populat mag. Slap on the hand and remember NEVER to do that again. Once a German or French or complete prat (neuilly, even?) always a DCB.

Johnny hands held high - I should have said 'with young voters' - though heaven knows why when one sees the average age of a 'young' politician. I was at a number of meetings in Berlin once when Danny still didn't know whether he wanted to be French or German. He is at least consistent in that he always goes in the opposite direction to everybody else.