Dark colours for the category drop down menu too dark

May I ask a favour please? Can you change the colours on the forum category drop down menu? If so I’d be most grateful if the dark ones - black, mauve, blue etc could be lightened. On my screen the black typing inside the boxes is invisible. Is anyone else having this problem? or is it just my screen settings? This seems to be a recent thing for me - never used to be like this. Thanks.

I have a dark background (by choice)

just checked the dropdown…
dark background (of course)
each category has its own colourbox and the writing is in white

you say this is a recent thing with you… wonder what you have updated ???
nothing has changed with mine…

You could flip to the Light Theme, under your account / Preferences / Interfaces

The text in the category boxes is white, or should be anyway. Can you do a screenshot please?

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I think @SuePJ is referring to something slightly different @james

Oh I see, the light theme, gotcha.

Is that better?

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Yup - that fixes it for me…

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Thanks James, fixed for me as well.

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Thanks for showing what was happening Graham.

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Sadly… the change is not so good for those with a dark theme … :upside_down_face: :zipper_mouth_face:

or it this just my machine…

@graham can you tell me how to make the coloured squares/blobs bigger… please

Not sure you can make the coloured blobs bigger @Stella (other than a system change by @james which would probably impact every one else.
I can see the blobs quite well - even with my poor eyesight - maybe change back to a normal view from the dark theme or increase the size of the text on screen?

Fair enough… it was just an idea… I can assure you… the text is BIG… it’s just that the category-colours are a bit insignificant now…

You can see the colour v the text in my screen shot… of my open page…
and, previously, it was the colour on my open forum page… which first caught the eye when looking for a preferred category Thread …

never mind…

sorry…should have said… my screen shot is of my opening page not the drop-down… I’m obviously not awake yet…

What I don’t understand though is that when I first joined my settings were like the ones Graham showed (ie “light” - but a complete band across) but I don’t remember the colour as being as intense. It seemed to me that in recent weeks the colours have all got darker. Is that possible James? Is there some overall setting that makes the coiours darker (whatever setting we use)?
Like Stella, I actually prefer the colours that go right across, rather than just a small square which is not so impactful but am happy to go with whatever is preferred - if it means going back to the original setting, then fine - I’ll just have to remember that the black box has got “banking and financial” in it. An appropriately sombre colour given most people’s current circumstances!