Dashboard Cameras

I have been reading the dreadful experiences with SFN members and false car accident claims.

Following their experience and suggestions I have been looking at Dashboard cameras and whilst there is plenty of advice I remain somewhat confused.

It seems to me that I want:

1) Good quality video output

2) Large memory card sufficient for several hours driving

3) GPS, time, date stamp is absolutely mandatory

I rarely drive at night but decent night time quality would be desirable.

I am not being silly but price is not that critical as the benefits more than outweigh any reasonable cost.

The E-Prance range seems well liked but for those of you who know more than me, any suggestions as to suitable products would be very much appreciated.


Peter S

In this case, got one so said so. It was through Amazon Fr, it was delivered premium as well. So I could play with it next day - even though I didn't need to go out ;-)

Thank you Brian, a mine of useful information as always.

Off to the shops, well Amazon really.

Peter S

I have a Garmin DASH CAM 30. I paid about €150 for it. It has all you seem to be looking for. I think there are plenty of them around. I have Tom Tom GPS, immediately after doing a recent update I seem to be inundated with cookies offering me dash cams and other 'security' hardware. The range is big and interesting, best of luck choosing.