Database Information

This is a 'shot in the dark' - has anyone out there had problems with the listing of their address details changed?

We live in a property that has a plural name i.e. Les Ba........ On all the maps we have seen in the past, cadastre, etc. it is listed as Les Ba...... Since sometime last year we have noticed that places that use computers for their records, e.g. the prefecture, the bank, CESU, are now recording our address as singular i.e. La Ba.......

It is annoying and tedious to have to correct the details every time. Not only that, but the insurers informed us that, technically, if the 'carte grise' for the vehicles do not show the correct address the insurance is invalid. So who is correct me (the owner) or the prefecture?

What would be really good would be if I could find out who to contact to correct the original error, but I have no idea of who or where created this information.

Any suggestions?

I really would like to know who compiles the data. I just find it a little disconcerting that a fundamental change can be made and then be unchallenged.