Dates of UK pension payment

When I started to receive my basic UK pension earlier this year, I read that it would be paid four-weekly and at the end of each month which suits me. For the past three months the payment has been put in my bank account here earlier and earlier and today I found it has arrived for this month but its only the 19th and more than a good week earlier than I had expected it. Am I alone or are others getting theirs earlier and earlier too? I’m not complaining by the way, just wondering but it does make budgeting a bit harder as payments for things have only just been made and I have to watch I don’t go overboard so its there for the month to come.

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Because it is every four weeks and NOT once a month it means that it arrives on the same day, but the date changes each month (except February to March) because there are 30/31 days in a month and not four weeks.

So my pension always arrives on a Monday. Last month it arrived on Monday August 21st. This month I received it yesterday (Monday September 18th) :slight_smile:

So yes, through a year the date gets earlier and earlier in the month.


Just checked ours… every 4 weeks… ie every 28 days and with months of 30/31 days (apart from Feb :wink: ) it’s bound to move hither and thither… :wink:

EDIT: yes, I echo Sue’s comments… :wink:

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Even down to the bit about Feb. :grin:

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we were obviously tapping the keyboard at the same time and you hit “enter” just ahead of me… so you get the prize and the glory… :wink: :champagne: :champagne:

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When it gets around to about a year after it started, you end up with two payments in a month - still 28 days apart but one at the very beginning of the month and one at the end :smiley:

(Lunar month not calendar month. If you use moon cycles for growing your veg, then you’ll know where you are with your pension payments :rofl: )


This is all true, thus I, and everyone else I assume, gets 13 payments per year. Nothing to do with months at all. :smiley:

In ‘the ode days’ the wrinklies had to traipse down to the post office every week and wait in the queue there.
Can you still opt for that, I wonder? :thinking:

My dad was still doing that in 2017 but we insisted someone went with him because the post office always had lots of people in it and he used to wave his wad of notes about without a care. He was a cash only man, my dad although he did have a bank account for sending cheques off for his seeds. I used to chuckle when he got out his roll of notes and peeled them off to pay up in Sainsburys and then ask me if I wanted any! Miss those visits to see him.

Except on a leap year :grin:

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Nah… that’s all part of the fun and games… to keep us on our toes… :rofl: :roll_eyes:

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