David Hockney is right: five reasons it's better to live in France than Britain | David Hockney | The Guardian

So is David Hockney correct?


This does it for me:

National anthem

By far the best national anthem of any country, La Marseillaise is bloodthirsty, rousing and utterly memorable,

[five reasons it’s better to live in France than Britain]

National Anthem ? :confused:
Funnily enough, not top of my list of reasons for moving to France. :rofl:
But agree a super National Anthem and very rousing. :notes:

I hope the article was written with at least part of a tongue in an adjoining cheek somewhere…

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Its surprising just how important a national anthem is tbh.
I well remember John Deadwood MP when he was Welsh Secretary of State trying to get to grips with the Welsh National Anthem and just stood there opening and closing his mouth like a fish gasping for air :rofl:

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Mum and Dad moved back to the UK and bought a place in Wales. Learning the Welsh anthem was practically the first thing they did.
They have always belonged to choirs in England and France and now Wales.
It was a struggle but Dad has nearly got it sussed. He was helped by the opera singer guy in the “go compare” adverts who apparently has an excellent online tutorial. :man_singer:t3:

I’m hard pressed to think of anything that’s better in the UK (apart from pork pies, obviously).

Cheddar cheese and Bramley apples for me.

Pubs, genuine choice of where to eat, shopping, sport, customer service, websites that function, shall I continue?:grinning:

I’m sorry Teresa, but as 17.4 million people bought pork pies in 2016, and a friend of mine has since invested heavily in water crust pastry, porkies - I mean pork pies - are in fact the will of the people, and your preference for urban elitist foods like cheddar cheese and bramley apples is that of a traitor - in fact you sound to me like a high court judge - so I have no choice but to prorogue all further discussion.


Ironically, Indian restaurants and ,also Costas

Any country is the better for the presence of Hockney.

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