Dead or alive

My wife got a lovely letter today from our health insurance people saying just how sorry they were to hear she had died. However, "Afin de vous offrir un service de qualité, je reste a votre entière disposition pour tout renseignement complémentaire". They didn't say if the cost of the ouija board or hiring Alison Dubois was covered by the insurance.

I am so very glad that it will not be me on the other end of the phone on Monday when my wife calls the unfortunate person who signed this letter.

In case you're wondering, they mixed up my wife and her mother who was covered by the same company and died recently.

And they're not alone. A week or so ago the CAF wrote to my mother-in-law asking her to refund the allocation logement they paid her by mistake after she had died. They knew she was dead but they still wrote to her. Who did they think was going to reply?

excellent - such a shame about your mother in law but so funny......