Deaf girl finally finds her voice

She can tell her parents that she loves then… and they can hear those heart-warming words… :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I really don’t want to pour cold water on this story, but there’s something disquieting about a father’s need to hear his child parrot “I love you Daddy” by mimicking words she hears him repeat over and over again, without any possibility of her making any meaningful connection between the sounds she makes, and any feelings she might have for him.

She might feel trapped by his persistence, and only repeat the sounds to make him stop pestering her. It’s pathetic, I think. It reminds me of teaching a dog to “sit up and beg”.

Parents should never teach children to say “I love you” to satisfy their own childish need to be loved. The words “I love you” can be hollow, used to seduce, and to betray as much as to show love, for which no words are necessary. One knows if one is truly loved without having to be told in as many words, or repeatedly.

The only thing holding deaf children back from fulfilment is the expectation of failure in those who surround them.

Where does it say he has taught her to say it parrot fashion? An intelligent seven year old ( five years post surgery) in mainstream education will understand the basic concept of telling her parents she loves them


Nellie, you make fair points and I shall not dispute them.

I reacted in part to the bit that said “the parents continually repeated words and asked her to mimic them” and the father’s claim that hearing her say “I love you, Daddy” was the best of all. I suppose I should have made more allowances for syrupy and exploitative journalism!

The significance of signing was only briefly mentioned, but seemed to be credited with the child’s progress in mainstream education, and her cognitive development, rather than her understanding of the spoken word.

I am imagining the joy I would feel… if my daughter has never been able to hear me, the birds singing… whatever… and had never been able to talk with me…

I can only imagine the joy… the outpouring of love I would feel for this child… as we were finally able to put our feelings into words…

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People who have no hearing are able communicate by signing with exquisite eloquence that may even surpass spoken language what is in their hearts and minds, and if their parents can sign too…nothing is lost of joy, delight, compassion, tenderness, sexiness, bawdy or sophisticated humour, profound philosophical or scientific ideas…it’ s the hearing who miss out on nuance and depth, Stella, and live in a walled-off ignorance made by their ears, and their sense of privilege. Ask a deaf person.

Well, this family… are chuffed that they can finally converse… and I am really pleased for them.

Also… the medical progress coming on stream… to help such profoundly deaf children… IMO is really amazing… good luck to all of them.

A deaf person does not know what it is missing… until it finally hears… that medical science can do this, I reckon, is a wonderful gift…

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