Deaths on French Roads & their Penalties... 2023

I am appalled that so many lives are lost …

These are the figures for April 2023

Appalling but not surprising,IMO the driving standards are very poor here in France,and that is being kind.

I think it’s more nuanced that that - I drive a lot on narrow rural roads and there’s a tendency for
converging drivers to find the best spot to pull in and let the approaching car pass - did it several times today and on a similar number of occasions today, the oncoming driver found somewhere to pull in.

OTOH I’ve also seen lots of potentially suicidal overtaking, firstly where the overtaking driver dithers too long before deciding to go and secondly when they don’t change down and overtake so slowly that they’re in a potentially dangerous situation.

Mind you, none of that compares with the South African habit of overtaking while approaching the brow of a hill, supposedly secure in the knowledge that the country’s so big and there are comparatively few cars, so it’s unlikely anyone will be coming in the opposite direction. Scary to watch…

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Rural French seem mostly courteous and sensible drivers, unless it’s fast approaching lunch time, when they all drive like Max Verstappen with his arse on fire.


I find that common practice on the long, rolling switchbacks of rural northern France.

And trail-gating. Where do French drivers learn to do this? It can’t be something they are taught when learning to drive. At some point in their driving lives they adopt this stupid and dangerous habit.

You are right about tailgating, you are doing the speed limit at 90, idiot gets up your fluepipe , decides to pass you after 10 mins of hassling you, then slows down to 70, go figure.

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Well I have been very shocked by the state of driving standards down here compared to my previous region. No indications, everything at fast speed regardless of where and what is in front, even crossing over onto the other side of the road and a central garden to get past others, the list goes on. I have become very vigilant now when out on the road and don’t take my eyes off the tarmac for one second. Still always the one thing that puzzles me is when you go into a carpark and park up miles from everyone else in a deserted spot and still some bu**er will come and park right on top of you so you can’t get out of the door

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Generally people seem pretty good in our part of 71.

@JohnBoy & @DrMarkH
Here’s two old farts discussing traffic in one of my neighbouring villages


Pales the hunting deaths into insignificance.