December Caption Competition

Just for fun - Have a look at this cracking image by Lydia Taylor-Jones and see if you can come up with the best caption.

You will all be the judges of this, so if you see a good caption, say so!

Over to you all...



Image Copyright - Lydia Taylor-Jones

That made me smile John!


Sorry Catherine,could not resist the opportunity of trying a 'left field' presentation.

...and now to try breaching SFN's rules on commercial promotion in a post...

(Don't you think this service might be popular,especially during the Summer?)

Best wishes, John

"This comment has been removed since it breaks the rules for an SFN post."

Just to clarify this was posted by John Hope-falkner not SFN!!

Tut tut John! I've got stuff on you too! (known him since '69!)

This comment has been removed since it breaks the rules for an SFN post.

The suggestion that Camilla (the horse) is telling Charles (the bloke) that she is pregnant is offensive - not to mention weird -and thus will not be put in the public domain. I am sorry, but there are limits. James

Is this how it's going to be from now on?! Nothing ever good enough!

Horse whisperer: " In knows a joke about a police horse, but it's not any good for a caption"

Mummy, I never thought I'd find you...

'We Roedean gals think you Old Etonians are jolly super !'

Horse in background: "Hey, that's Lydia Taylor-Jones up there, isn't it?"

Listen, Dobbin…getting married is not to be sneezed at, but it puts an end to any horseplay!

Actually, it's one of David Austens!

"I, George, take you Camilla, to be my awefully wedded nag, to have and to ride from this day forward, for fodder and for water, in stables and in the field, to canter and to gallop, from this day forward until the vet shall part us."

My friend back there has bet her pony nuts for M Le Maires buttonhole... so here goes!

That's not too bad. What's that other pong?

Comment by Ronald Birks11 hours ago

Lonely farmer finally weds

My fave!

Nice scent you're wearing.

I ask a question about photography and you just smell the roses.