December Challenge!

hi peeps and peepettes :-)

Here's the next challenge -

Christmas!!!! BUT

None of the usual items associated with christmas no trees baubles decorations and such - the challenge is to find something that for you demonstrates the spirit of christmas -

please include a small description of the pictures and why its the spirit of christmas for you <3

look forward to seeing the pics :-)


Bah! Humbug!

Christmas is above all about spreading love around … think that s exactly what this little angel does by blowing a kiss …Picture is taken in a place similar to Lourdes , Banneux in Belgium , in one of the shops connected to the place …

Oooh I’m new to this but this sounds like great fun :smiley:

being able to bring a little bit of help to the other end of the world , is for me a lot more christmas then having a huge xmas meal

i know it is :slight_smile: i like to keep you all on your toes and get your creative juices flowing - and lol at pere noel on a bike - pedal or motor bike - we saw one in Bolton last week on one of the 3 wheeled motorbike thingy me jig

Wow PJ thats a tough one , I was just about to post a pic of Pere Noel on a bike