Decided to stay in France

(M. Glenys Forrester) #1

Hi all, sorry it's taken me a while to blog but been very busy. Anyway, my name is Glenys Forrester and lived for 30 years in Canada, where I worked as a psychotherapist for 17 of those years. I am now in private practice here in France doing similar work in the English speaking community (because my French is not good to say the least). I moved to France in 2007 with my husband but lost him to serious illness in 2008. I decided to remain in France and have met a whole new community here in Montignac, Dordogne where there are many ex-pats.

If you are interested to know more about my work, my website address is:

I am interested to read your blogs and find out what others in France are doing. Best wishes to all. Glenys Forrester

(Nikki Pilkington) #2

Very brave of you to stay in France with little of the language - I love France but struggle with the language almost daily - luckily my partner is fluent, so if anything serious needs to be done I have backup - not easy for someone who usually takes charge!