Declaration of UK Bank Accounts and moving to France

Hi All,

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but I just remembered it. A Dutch friend told us about ten years ago that she hadn’t notified the French Tax authorities of the family bank accounts still held in Holland. She was fined €750 per account, regardless of the money in the account. We spoke to our accountant here and declared the accounts that we still had. It is the non-declaration that will catch you out. There is no problem or payment if you tell them. We closed all unnecessary accounts at that time.

Hope this helps.

Hi Paul…

Yes, every year… at Income Declaration time… and perhaps several times in the year… folk are reminded to declare bank accounts (wherever they may be)…

sadly, there will always be someone who ignores the advice… knows better… or whatever…

As we stress… the powers that be will descend from a great height if they consider someone is deliberately with holding information… it is simply not worth the aggravation and stress, wondering if someone is going to knock on the door… :thinking::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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It does not need to be a huge amount either, so it pays to get it right.

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