Declaration Trimestriel de Chiffre D'Affair

Hello does anyone have a print off of this that they could send to me. I wish to pay my cotisations quarterly and do not wish to use the online method but to have a print out that I can fill out (having taken a master copy)and attach the cheque for the relevant amount. I have until the 30 April 2011 to do this and would be grateful if someone could send me a copy as I have heard of people having dire problems with money being taken more than once for the same quarter.

Thank you.

If you have only just registered they will send you a form to fill in, if you haven’t received one, phone and ask for one.
I am registered on line but I needed to do this one quarter so I rang RSI to find out what to do and they advised me simply to print off the on line declaration and send it in with the cheque.