Declaring Tax online- how to attach documents

This year we are declaring our tax on-line but would like to attach a copy of our S1 forms. Is it possible to attach copies on-line?

Hi Carol… why are you trying to attach your S1’s ??

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To prove we are in receipt of S1’s to the Impots and therefore not having to pay CSG.

Aha… I wrote a message more or less to that effect… when I first did the on-line a few years ago… (there is a space where it allows you to say anything pertinent…)

I think you will find you are not able to upload/attach… just type in the info… or a personal visit to your local Tax Office… where someone will help you… :relaxed::relaxed:

Thank you Stella I will add a note. We attached copies last year (paper declarations) and this time round we will just remind them of the fact.

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You can’t currently attach documents to your tax return (it’s supposed to be a paperless exercise!) but you can scan / send your local tax office any documents you like via your secure messaging system in your impots online account.

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