Now that our two little monsters are getting on a bit (three years seems like a million years) we are having a go at decluttering our house.

As Sylvie and I both had OCtendenciesis our house is very clean and tidy, though open a draw or cupboard and you will find a million and one things. If you venture into the garage or up into the attic you will find a mass of stuff, from a buggy and carry cots to a full set of dinning table chairs and a stack of olVHShs players.

So now we are going to declutter, as the thought of movingFranceance is quite scary with all the stuff we have. I would be more than happy to hire a few skips and bin everything I have not used for the last week though Sylvie thinks everything should go to a nice new home and possibly generate a few pounds back for us to buy more stuff.

First up is getting shot of most of the baby stuff we have amassed, and with twins we have amassed a hugh amount. We have a buggy, car seats, highchairs, toys, clothes, bumbos, swings, chairs etc etc. I though about selling it all on Ebay, though I can’t be bothered with all the work (I did look into the professional sellers who would Ebay it for me, though they are expensive), the same goes for a baby sale market. I thought I would give social media a go and facebook/twitter it, and as I run a twin support group with twitter and facebook pages full of hundreds of twin parents this may be a smart move (we will see).

They should have people that come to your house, declutter for you and sell off all your unwanted bits for a cut.

Right, back to the decluttering.

I have the opposite problem James - 2 nippers under 3 and No 3 is on it’s way, split this across 2 houses & you have 3 cots, 1 moses basket, 4 high chairs, 2 pushchairs (1 double), 2 sterilisers, bottle warmers, changing tables, 3 car seats, books & toys…etc.

My next challenege is to work out if we need/can fit a 2nd cot into the apartment in London. Our 2 year old is sleeping in a double bed (which she loves) with a side bar to stop her falling out & a travel cot at the end of the bed (her den which moves into our room when No 2 is teething), the 10m old has a cotbed. When No 3 arrives in January I have the moses basket which will have to commute with us and then if we don’t move back to France permanenently by end Feb I’ll need to fit another cot in somewhere…hallway?

No 1 is small & still needs a highchair so I could well end up with 6 highchairs for 3 kids. (I have the clip on ones in France which work well but in the UK I’ve had to buy 2 proper ones).

I’ve just ordered Car Seat No 3 as baby will have the Maxi Cosi & of course No 1 is still in her big car seat. I intend to take all this stuff with me back to France but will end up needing a part load removal at this rate!

Our London Flat (marketed as ‘luxury city apartment’) looks more like a children’s nursery - I dread to think what the landlord would make of it all!

Thank Goodness for Ebay - I’ve been on it nearly every day - buying & selling to try to keep our clutter under control!