Deconfinement strategy rejected by the Sénat

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Oh … it took its time… but it got through… in the end.

It is a live feed and you need to move the cursor to the right until it comes to time…

Sorry if it is too fiddly…

whatever… it is important to know that the Senat is not happy with the details presented…

Summary anyone please? I am cooking and making beds and finishing mid-term reports…


Goodness Catharine, I do hope you are keeping an eye on those beds and don’t let them burn :grin: Apologies, I read your comment quickly and it read like you are cooking beds!
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An awful lot of people sitting on the fence…174 abstentions and bill voted down 89 to 81. Hardly surprising given political make up. Meanwhile Macron says details will be published on Thursday, so presumably goes back to Assemblé who where he has a majority.

So what does this rejection mean exactly ? No lightening of restrictions after May 11th?

I probably am…!!

It means that there is a bit of a power struggle between the Assemblé and the Senat because of different party majorities. I imagine that it will all be resolved later in the week and the déconfinement will happen broadly as already outline but with some tweaks here and there.

Thanks Jane. My French is not good enough to follow the discussion unfortunately.

Yep… I hope there are some tweaks. I felt genuine concerns were raised at the somewhat “airy-fairy” lack of details and insufficient time (7 days) to get the necessary security/health stuff put in place for 11th May.

Schools were a particular area of concern… seeing as the first ones due to reopen will be for the younger kids - who will not wear masks and thus will need most particular care/supervision… for their safety and the safety of their teachers/staff…

Nothing IMO, just posturing.

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I think @John_Scully is correct, just posturing.
I don’t think the Senate can actually take out legislation from the lower House but the Government might take notice.
For anyone interested these are the Standing Orders of the Senate (in English).

From le Figaro : As was the case in the National Assembly (368 votes to 100, 103 abstentions), the vote held on Monday afternoon in the Senate will have no impact on the application of the executive’s plan of déconfinement. And for good reason: under article 50-1 of the Constitution, these two ballots were purely advisory, and have no binding value.

(That is not to say that the govt will not tweak various aspects of the plan in response to criticism/suggestions/the situation.)

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Yes indeed… Tweaks will certainly be needed since the Sénat raised some genuine concerns…

The government will be crucified if it ignores the whole debate… and subsequently things go pear-shaped.

The clock is ticking though, Friday is a public holiday so there are just a couple of days left to sort out what happens on Monday.

Thursday is T-Day… (“Tell it to 'em” Day…) :relaxed: :relaxed: :thinking: