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I was told that my reply had to be at least 5 characters, so I added the full stop.
I am not sure how I feel about this, is it being pedantic or supporting good punctuation?

Hi Jane… I think it might be something to do with… is this a real person typing… or an automated response…(robot/machine)…

Cheers anyway…

Signed, but wasn’t asked to write anything, just click the link in the confirmation email

Ann… Jane meant on here… not the Petition site… :hugs::wink:

My OH and I have signed this petition, one of many. Will any of them have a positive outcome? Who knows but we’ll keep signing them as it gives a slight relief against the feeling of utter despair about the whole sorry affair!

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Have signed, once for me and once for my mum !



One of the British Engineering Federations have implored TM to do the same, saying that No Deal will lead to bankruptcies and loss of jobs.
She is being attacked on all sides, a result of being so obdurate and running down the clock without consulting Parliament.
She is being painted into a corner by both Red Labour and Blue Tory lines.
Serves her right. She will have to do what is best for the country now if she is to retsin any shred of credibility.

Well I’ve signed it.

Currently half expecting a crash out by the end of the week.

Me too Ann :kissing_heart::two_hearts:

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No Mandy I do think voting on behalf of Ann’s mum is pushing it a bit far


I was no 875 when I signed earlier, now nearly 17000. I wonder if it will get to the same numbers as the previous petition…

That’s a shame Nellie because I voted on behalf of my hubby as well. As I did on the previous Article 50 petition.

Not that it makes any difference as these petitions seem to be largely ignored by the government. But it makes us feel better.

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Mandy sorry I was joking I fully support you and Ann voting on behalf of your loved ones But given the hoo ha when you said you had done it last time and glancing at it it read like you had voted on behalf of Ann’s mum. Which does seem a bit naughty

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Oh blimey, it seems my sense of humour has buggered off!! :crazy_face::grin:


Don’t worry I’m a bit that way today as well. My last shift before my holiday this afternoon

Yay, holiday!! Are you going to France?

Yes but coach and train so will be a day each way travelling

Oh how lovely, I’m so jealous. Have a great time xx

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