Defies belief

I know it’s a very long time ago that I studied maths but …

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It’s Boris Maths™ - if you believe hard enough 12 = 15 :slight_smile:

Edit - actually the EU average is 12 and the UK currently has 8, hence the “4 more”.

Can’t say I’d say no to a few more days off but it’s an unashamedly, transparently, populist policy suggestion (bit like telling the BBC it has to go back to free TV licences for over 75’s)

but - will they follow the EU convention if a bank holiday is on a weekend, a ‘substitute’ weekday becomes a bank holiday, normally the following Monday.
This doesn’t happen in the EU AFAIK.

I think people would be far happier increasing the statutory minimum holiday allowance by 4 days per year (currently 28 in UK for full time employee). There may be an extra cost to employers of approx 2%.

Bank Holidays were always a nightmare at work as it meant that we had to get 5 days work done in 4 days.

Our employees were always happier once they could use the 28 days or whatever as they wished. Most of them liked to work on a bank holiday and take time off somewhen else…