Degree-Days Data

I'm not sure if this is the right Group to post this question - but here goes...

Does anyone know if there is a French website which gives Degree-Day data? The English one is:

And this pdf explains what it is, if you are not sure what I am on about...

In UK a few years back, I supplied and fitted magnetic fuel conditioners for attaching to heating and water pipes (for commercial organisations), of course they can be used for domestic users too for limescale in water pipes, on fuel pipes in cars to name but two applications. In the commercial settings, we used the degree-day data in our calculations of the energy savings made. I am considering adding this to my business over here.

Hi Vanessa,

I'm a retired radar engineer with an fundamental inability to keep my nose out of anything technical. You need a heating engineer.

It seems the technique could be important for large buildings and factories where large sums of money disappear in heating/cooling. But perhaps only of academic interest for domestic use? How do you intend to use the data?



Thanks Ian, that's a good start. Do you understand these things? Are you perhaps someone of whom I could ask more details?


I've just downloaded degree-day data for a local French weather station at this URL