Delivery Address : Amazon France

I have recently moved to France, and have set up a Amazon France account, as I realised it is cheaper than my Amazon UK account due to the delivery.

I however cannot get Amazon France, to accept my home address as a delivery address, it gives me an option of 20 delivery addresses. As my French is very poor, I cannot understand if Amazon do not deliver to small villages, and one has to choice one of the addresses provided by Amazon as a collection point? If it has to go to a collection point, I assume I need to agree this with the party that will be the collection point.

Can someone point me in the right direction please.

I had same problem last month. Realising what the problem was, I had actually gone to an ATM and printed off a RIB but that wasn't enough, I had to withdraw cash........ Vive La France

Thanks all,

My problem was my debit card was not activated as I had not used it in the ATM. I phoned Credit Agricole, and once I have bought something in a shop or used it in a ATM it will be activated and then my Amazon account will work hopefully.

Thanks again Cheers

All my cards with Credit Mutuel have had me having to go into the branch and request that they be cleared for internet payments! CM then send a text message to confirm a payment rather than requiring a password. Seems to work very well...

We're a 'lieu-dit' too which sometimes has to be entered as part of the address or it can't be found.

I get stuff delivered all the time to our address which is a "lieu dit" with just 2 occupied houses. Our village is called St Just d'Avray but some sites want Saint in place of St and others don't like the apostrophy and insist it be written as " d Avray"

If I know I am going to be out, I get stuff delivered to the Tabac which is open 7/7 14 hours a day.

Call the bank and get them to check. When we first came here I couldn't get cash from a CA ATM (I could from all the other banks!) - it transpired they hadn't ticked some box or other when they first issued the card...

Hi Debbie,

Thanks, OK so it must then be a problem with my new Credit Agricole debit Card. Normally the system asks you to verify your payment with a password, but it did not, so I guess the problem is with my Debit card not being authorised, any suggestions to resolve this?

Hi Byron, we live in a very tiny village and get parcels delivered from both Amazon Fr & Uk with no problem. It's likely that they just don't have your address on their automatic list of known address. If you look there will be an option to manually put your address in, I think it's a box under the suggested address options, once you've done it it'll remember for next time, (fingers crossed!).

You are right about delivery/ postage being cheaper in France. Nb if you want to post books around, there is a very good rate for boooks/ mags etc - almost the same price as a letter