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We have recently ordered several items online and all have been damaged and/or soiled en route.

We ordered a bulle bache summer cover for a large pool. It was wrapped in clear plastic. It was delivered by one man and had obviously been dragged around the warehouse floor (and the van). There were holes in the plastic and abrasions to and holes in the bache itself. We had it returned. When the second one was delivered we went to the warehouse in Agen to collect it ourselves and saw the appalling state of the open sided warehouse, its black floors and other damaged boxes.

We ordered 7 sprung mattresses from the UK (thinking they would use their own van or similar to send them) but again they came by a Worldwide/French courier and every one had holes in the clear plastic and had black marks on the mattresses themselves. Two were returned, including the double one, as they were far too dirty to be accepted. I cleaned the others off. They had obviously been dragged around a warehouse floor which was black from rubber tyres. One man delivering only - even a double mattress!

A large fan arrived luckily undamaged but there was a large hole in the box as was similar with other deliveries.

Most dangerous of all was when a lawn mower was received (this time at a Point Relais shop) in such a bad condition it had probably been dropped. The outer black plastic was shriveled and the inner cardboard was saturated with acid from the battery. The shop assistant and us were all handling this hazardous waste - luckily we knew what we were dealing with! I have managed to convince the company which sent it that it was too dangerous to return!

Perhaps it is just the Lot et Garonne depots but has anyone else had problems with deliveries where an extra man was required (as stated on a lable on one mattress) in both warehouse and van?

Yes I have, deliveries from by T N T.
They say that they cannot find the house, which is one of five next to a church and just off the road to a major town.
They also say that they have tried to phone, we sat next to the phone for 3 days.
I have told amazon that if it is not delivered on time, I will cancel the order or reject the delivery if it arrives late.
I have also received a damaged electrical item, which cost me a lot to return.

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Hi Melissa,

I do know someone who has at least one of his lorries out here every week from the UK if you want goods delivered from the UK on a regular basis
George White & you can find him and all his details on
All items arrive clean & hopefully undamaged

I can remember using G White’s company a few years ago. Extremely helpful staff in UK - and G White himself when we met for delivery here in France. Excellent service. I have absolutely nothing to do with the firm - just very happy customer and happy to recommend.

Same here - very good