Delivery to/from UK from South France?


This is just a thought: I've had a painting accepted in a competition in London in July. Great news except: it's a big bastard - 180x120cm. Getting it packed up and couriered, which ever way I look at it, whoever I use, is going to cost me well over £100 (one way - I'm hoping I sell it!). Which is a lot! It occurs to me that I've got (use of) a big van, and that if other people were interested in having stuff shipped either way, it could be worth me driving to and fro? I've driven it more than once before, and I refuse to do it without an overnight stop (London to Montpellier is 1200km) so I reckon the total cost - both ways including diesel,overnight,ferry etc. is about 650€. So if other people have stuff they want to go. or come back, we could, I'm sure, come to an arrangement that suits? Obviously diversions add to cost so I'd work it out that way, and would have to have enough interest to bother to do it. Anyway, it's an idea...

sue aitkins who runs the english stall (and brilliant is not the word) in many of the main markets often takes things back and forth. If you are interested I will try and get the number.

What a shame I've only just seen this. An SFN member has gone back today and could have taken it. I think a regular to and fro service would definitely work.