Denial of Healthcare to British Retirees living in France

Some of you may have noticed that I am trying to get the French Healthcare Authorities, namely the CLEISS, to acknowledge that their refusal to allow British retirees in receipt of a UK pension the right to return to the UK for healthcare which they cannot find in France is illegal.

Both the UK Government and the Commission are of the same opinion, i.e. the French authorities are in breach of EU Regulations.

They do this by refusing to issue the form S2, which is needed by the UK authorities before they undertake any necessary treatment and the reason they are giving is that the UK is not included in a list of countries with which they have reciprocal agreements to enable treatment to take place outside French territory.

We now need to know of any cases where you, or anyone, you know has tried to obtain a form S2 and been denied.

The British Government is involved in negotations with their coun terparts in the French Health system, but they are taking an inordinately long time.

A case has recently come to light where the issuing of the form S2 has been denied and where time is of the essence.

Please let us know of any cases you know of where this discrimination has taken place, or of anyone now trying to have medical treatment in UK which they cannot haave done in France.