Dentist needed

Hi. Would appreciate any help.
I live near Brantôme and today a very filled back tooth broke at the back( I think an impacted wisdom tooth is putting pressure on it. )
I am petrified of the dentist but always visit annually in the UK to a dentist I trust. As flight prices are astronomical at the moment I think I may have to visit a French dentist. Does anyone please know a good dentist in the Brantôme/Periguex area? I am willing to travel for a really good dentist. Also I have no idea of cost but think my insurance covers emergency dental treatment.
Are French dentists like UK in that all treatment done in one go if possible?

I have been to dentists in USA and 4 more countries. the 3 dentist I’ve been to here in France are outstandingly better.,
I hope you will have same positive experience as I have.

ps. I have a lot of work done and still more ahead, you might call me a dentist-dream, I have surely paid for many golf-clubs-sets over the years. :thinking:


Don’t attempt flying back to the UK in that condition…
The pressure in the cabin will be immensely painful and you will regret it (if you survive, that is).


Mine built his own aeroplane, that tops golf Peter, and a good dentist, trained in Sheffield where he met his English wife. Bit of a trek for You Teresa, (S E 56), but if it would help, p.m. I will give You a contact No.
Hope You get sorted locally. :slightly_smiling_face:


Jeez, and I thought I had dental issues … :star_struck: :grin:

hello Teresa,
Are French dentists like UK dentists. I am never at ease at the dentists but the first one I found in France was kind, gentle and had a modern practice. (by recommendation)

Nevertheless the floating bridge only lasted 6 years and the gap of 2 teeth is now being treated in the UK. This floating bridge would never have been recommended in the UK.

As a rule, from my experience, French dentists are more inclined to pull out teeth than to save them.

regards Ken

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Thanks. As this tooth is heavily filled and my UK dentist said about 10 years ago that it probably wouldn’t last I think it’s done quite well. An extraction maybe the way to go. Frustratingly I have an impacted wisdom tooth behind and if it would come down in the bad tooth’s place that would be great. Have a feeling it’s probably not that simple though.
I would really like to get it sorted in the UK as I want to ask a lot of questions. So far it is not painful but I’m not sure how long it will remain pain free.
Fingers crossed.

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I would recommend Frederick Besse in Perigueux just behind the Palais du Justice, he has all the most modern equipement and speaks perfect English.

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Thank you. I’ve also been told today that there is a Scottish dentist at la Tour Blanche. I am pain free(touch wood) at moment but it may not last so I’ll probably enquire for an appointment.

sorry his details are Besse Frédéric
No reviews · Dentist
10 Place Général Leclerc
+33 5 53 53 11 80

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I have the opposite experience; most teeth repaired in USA had to be redone as they caused severe problems: lousy dentists. My French dentist refused to remove one saying that is the last option. I would not go long with a broken tooth as you might get into a worse situation.


You will find both excellent and poor dentists in France as in any other countries. The biggest challenge is to get an appointment within reasonable time. Usually 6-7 months to wait for an appointment. Unless you already got your regular dentist. In that case they usually try to help you out sooner in an emergency situation.


Hi Teresa… if you ask your Mutuelle provider, they will probably/possibly have a list of “approved” dentists… with whom they have links…

then you can simply choose the one nearest to where you are…


Actually as we are not resident I don’t have a mutuelle provider. I will however ring my insurer in the UK and ask them for help if necessary. Every morning I wake up thinking today I’ll try to get an appointment but it is not painful yet so the coward in me puts it off. I think I will regret this but I cannot explain how terrified I am. ( it comes of a dentist pulling 3 teeth out when I was 10, no warning and no parent present).
Anyway I return to the UK on September 6th so fingers crossed.