Departments & Communes: comparisons & info


Thanks for sharing Stella! You are a such a wonderful information resource. Totally appreciate you.

Every morning I read Midi-Libre and am always fascinated by their reports of the latest gruesome murders in Occitanie, more so because these are seldom in supposed crime hot spots like Montpellier, but in tiny villages that you’ve never heard of before - I think this week includes beheadings, an arm found by the side of the road, a child’s body in a suitcase, and best of all, ‘I was attacked by the Cannibal of the Pyrenees’!

On the other hand, so far this week - mind you it’s only Friday - we’ve just had our car hit by an uninsured ado on moto (who did a runner).

The daily news reports can be gruesome… I quite agree.
I find the child-torture things particularly hard to bear.

This is the first time I have noticed an official Report which gives painless discussions/comparisons across France and felt it interesting enough to share.

The Dordogne, a haven of calm. :joy: :innocent:
I can understand the NW & SW but what the hell is going on in the Charentes, Gironde and Lot et Garonne? :astonished:

Great article - thank you @stella. Glad to see I live in an area relatively free from burglaries and violence!

I’m waiting to find a chart which shows where all the lorries/cars sit “in the boot” of the car in front… so I can choose a different route to avoid such horrors… :rofl:


You can find your own department… then choose your village to see how yours fared…
At the bottom of the page for your commune/village, the details of population, age, occupations etc are shown.
All in all, quite interesting.

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Certainly is interesting! However, 29th out of 31 places of the same size in the departement isn’t all that good :rofl:

If you like where you live… that’s all that really matters. :+1: :+1:

My own small part of France suits us, but not everyone… :rofl: :rofl: thank heavens… otherwise we’d be over-run… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The figures are for interest… and might (or might not) help those who have not yet settled in France… but are actively looking…

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Say What??!!!

Can you guys say a bit more about this? Checked out the link but overwhelmed my limited French. Where does Haute Vienne/ Lomoges stand? The child thing sounds horrific! What is that all about!!

I looked up my village once and most of the crime was theft of agricultural machinery which I think says it all :joy: Limoges has the issues virtually all cities in the western world have, drugs, theft, assault, at least from what I see in the local press, but nothing terrifying or really worth worrying about unless you live in the centre and/or associate with drug dealers, thieves or people who commit violent acts. Otherwise I’ve found Haute Vienne to be very much like going back 50 years or more in the U.K., village life means everyone knows everything so if crime of any kind is able to happen (and people look out/ after each other so little is able to happen to start with) everyone knows every detail near immediately and the gendarmes come knocking to those responsible pretty fast. But that’s obviously just my anecdotal experience, the figures will give more factual information obviously.


Use the link in the Chrome browser, it will translate the pages for you automatically.

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Thanks Kirste, can I ask where your village is? I am going to be in Bellac. And, would love to get to know people in the area. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t always work, but thanks @Griffin36